You are no longer a cat. You are a BAGEL!


As a child, I loved watching “ALF” series. It used to be something special when you ran to the TV at a special time to see a new episode and all of the characters had already become so close and dear to you. I watched it with my mum and dad and it was such a bonding moment of joy, laugh and the atmosphere of cosy home and mum’s cakes. After watching we remembered the jokes and quotes, laughed at them again and again.

This picture appeared from a blur of paint and the image of ALF hypnotising the cat came up in my mind making me so nostalgic.

Did you watch this series?

Trite metaphor on life and an artist’s story


I imagine people building their lives brick by brick.
Some just pick up one and put it somewhere, then another one on top of the first and then they see what they’ve got at the end. It may be a stunning innovation, a shapeless nonsense or even a pile of bricks which couldn’t stay and just collapsed making the person throw his hands in and bear the failure till the end of his life or start stubbornly from the scratch.

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