Meeting Her

City dreamer 2.0.png


“Hello” – I said hardly being able to breathe at the prospect of a brand new life while the plane was sweeping along a runway. My first job, a new flat, and all the fuss…

I haven’t noticed that the city crawled like a thief into my heart not to steal anything but to instill constant longing for walking around in fascination of the buildings. Huge, symbolic and impressive Stalin high risers catch my eyes and I can’t stop following its sharp lines and pompous forms. I can’t resist roaming the old streets with low houses bearing some signs of history, conveying its stories. Narrow streets tease with its implied secrets while wide ones appeal to my Russian soul.

Moscow is a woman – diverse, flirtatious, whimsical, with its sunny spells and its rains, its dawns, and sunsets. She can make you rise and watch you going down. I hope I can say we’ve become friends unless she doesn’t believe in women friendship.

Are you diagnosed with an irresistible desire to wander along city streets and get lost in familiar place discovering new tales and secrets? I invite you to my strolling narration inspired by great cities cause no city is not great enough.

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