Trite metaphor on life and an artist’s story


I imagine people building their lives brick by brick.
Some just pick up one and put it somewhere, then another one on top of the first and then they see what they’ve got at the end. It may be a stunning innovation, a shapeless nonsense or even a pile of bricks which couldn’t stay and just collapsed making the person throw his hands in and bear the failure till the end of his life or start stubbornly from the scratch.

Other people happen to have a plan from almost the beginning. First, their parents help them out with the foundation and then they figure out what they can construct and follow the plan not without minor collapses and errors, but always managing to get back to the scheme of their lives.
How do they know even what to build? How does this vision come to them? I’ve got thinking about that recently since I’ve never had a plan and my piece of architecture seems to because quite beautiful though shaky. The trigger for these thoughts was the story of an Italian painter Giuseppe Montagnese.
A promising artist had been doing beautiful and atmospheric (I saw one) paintings depicting his surroundings until he was spotted by a local priest who offered the painter to restore the ceiling of a local church “and the results were remarkable. His attention to detail and ability to work with gold leaf on very fragile, and often badly damaged pieces of art, was the reason for this. He was celebrated in his local community. The church, after all, was the focal point of the community, and he had performed miracles to restore it without any formal training. From there he went on to do another, and another, and another…launching his career.
At the same time, he also painted his beloved countryside” and those paintings “were displayed across a number of the churches he helped restore.
Giuseppe enjoyed horse riding and hunting in his free time, which was very limited since he married a local girl and they had 9 children together.”*
One of Giuseppe’s grandchildren didn’t let it remain just a family story. I guess, he was truly impressed by his ancestor and he might as well have this inner feeling of knowing undoubtedly what he shall do in his life. Chances also are it was just a kind of ideas which come when you’re in the shower or half asleep. The fact is that being an owner of a hotel the prideful grandchild undertook a non-profit initiative to help budding artists to be seen.
The project is called “Supporting the Arts” and you can find the information about that on the hotel’s website (see below). I was happy to take part in the project because of the picturesque front of the hotel building, which also has its story.
Hotel’s website:
Check out instagram: @themelitalondon and #MelitaSupportingTheArts
* the piece of story is provided by The Melita London PR service, I just decided to leave it as it is

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